Individuals need to recognize they must deliver results to build a strong reputation every step of the way. They also need to develop and manage a longer term career perspective, a long term vision,  that they manage and control.

Executive & Career Coaching

Career Coaching 

We work with clients of all ages and backgrounds on development of career strategies, assessments, resume & LinkedIn profiles, Interviewing skills, Salary negotiations. 

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

We offer assessments & coaching for individuals interesting in raising the bar on their performance and effectiveness.  IQ & Personality don't really change but that is not true for enhancing your EQ.  There is also a proven correlation between EQ and success. 

Executive Coaching​

Understanding your individual strengths and style, and that of those around you is critical to developing and maintaining a healthy career path. 

Career planning is a continual process of renewal. 
Careers themselves are full of ups and downs, sharp angles, thrills, disappointments.

They need to realize when it is time to identify and move on to new opportunities. 

There is an art form to managing careers and, yes, there is a bit of science and technique there too.

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